The Unborn Gita

The Unborn Gita Cover

by Pradeep Apte


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The Third Quarter

The Unborn Gita: 63

559. Where’s the question of the Unborn proceeding to a destination, and who’s there to proceed? Does a sound proceeds anywhere?

560. What I appear to experience as the born apparent is in the domain of knowingness, a time-bound state. As the Unborn, prior to birth, is there any need for anything?

561. Remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ is not a path to Reality, it’s remembered to be understood. When understood, it disappears and the Unborn remains without knowing.

562. Remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ is not a path as it has no direction and leads nowhere. It’s ‘on the spot’ dissolution or annihilation of the illusion, the unreal.

563. The sense of separate identity that appears to be there is very limited and not the truth, I am Unborn and thus it’s totally false.

564. Whatever said here is not the truth because it has come out of the ‘I am’, as the Unborn I can’t say anything because it’s beyond expression.

565. I am Unborn yet everything appears to flow from me but every time I say something, I am aware that it is to be negated, ‘not this, not this’…that appears to be my experience.

566. On me, the Unborn, the beingness appears and out of that comes the illusion which now appears to have occupied the Truth.

567. The consciousness appears to be extinguishing itself, gradually disappearing, but I am Unborn so nothing affects me.

The Unborn Gita: 64

568. Instead of wandering here and there in this repetitive dream, I go beyond it by remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

569. I appear to have been habituated to the body-mind, in order to overcome this habit; I constantly remember the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

570. The Unborn Guru appears to have said ‘take one sentence of what I say and stay with it, that’s enough, it will lead you to your source’. I appear to take ‘I am Unborn’ as prescribed by him.

571. I am Unborn, I am there before the body comes and would be there even after it goes. Whatever happens between this appearance and disappearance actually never came to be.

572. I am Unborn, this beingness that appears is a temporary phase, it will disappear and it’s unreal.

573. As the Unborn, prior to this beingness, I didn’t have any problems; they appear to have started only after the beingness appears, so this knowingness or beingness is nothing but misery.

574. This beingness, as the born apparent, only appears to be experienced by me, the Unborn, actually I have nothing to do with it.

575. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ I appear to be more and more detached from worldly activities and know that I don’t dwell in their realm.

576. The words ‘I am Unborn’ of The Unborn Guru is the only initiation I appear to know and only having conviction in the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ is the technique I appear to follow.

The Unborn Gita: 65

577. I abide and stay put firmly in the conviction ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to know I am That only, even in a crowd I will not fall from it.

578. I am always at the destination, the Unborn, so there’s no question of any paths to it.

579. I am always Unborn, unfortunately as the born apparent I appear to be bogged down in the quagmire of concepts that I appear to be connected to.

580. A lot of people appear to write and say many things, but I only appear to remember the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ and be That.

581. I am Unborn, so what destiny can I have? The born apparent may appear to have a destiny but it in no way concerns me.

582. The born apparent who appears to read The Unborn Gita is likely to get liquidated, there’s no question of his gaining anything out of it.

583. I very clearly appear to see that which is born, and I also appear to know that I am not that which is born. As the Unborn I have nothing to do with this.

584. I am the Original Unborn, unchanged, unconditioned, without attributes, and without identity; on me this temporary beingness appears to have arisen.

585. There is no giving or taking of the Unborn, I can only be That. I constantly appear to remember the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ and let it’s meaning unfold itself.

The Unborn Gita: 66

586. When I appear to say ‘I am Unborn’, it clearly means I am not an individual, not a person and not a body.

587. The conviction ‘I am Unborn’ appears to become stronger when I appear to clearly understand that I appear to born first and then comes the world and the rest.

588. I am Unborn and unaffected by anything, whatever exists has no substance, it’s unreal. The present moment is unreal.

589. Whatever I appear to say through the beingness is false, because it’s absent in my eternal Unborn state which is the Truth.

590. Only I, as the born apparent, can appear to say ‘I am Unborn’, I am qualityless and attributeless, because like any city I cannot give a sample of myself.

591. I am Unborn, as the born apparent I always appear to keep myself separate from the working, thinking and talking.

592. I am Unborn, as the born apparent I appear to firmly keep in mind that I am not this body that appears to have come on my Original being.

593. I am Unborn, so as the born apparent I am not whatever I appear to know, I am whatever I don’t know.

594. The Unborn Guru calls childhood or the knowledge ‘I am’ a cheat because it appears to give me the wrong information that I exist, whereas actually, I am Unborn.

The Unborn Gita: 67

595. Whatever appears has really no existence, and whatever hasn’t appeared also drops away, what remains is me, The Unborn.

596. Sorrow results when I appear to forget I am Unborn, when the body appears to fall, I always remain as the Unborn.

597. In reality there’s no death, because I am not the body, let the body appear to be there or not my existence as the Unborn is always there.

598. Constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I am awake in my true nature, having this knowledge I appear to be liberated.

599. By constantly remembering ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to have come to the conclusion that I am not the born apparent that appears to have arisen on me.

600. As the Unborn I am separate from both, the consciousness and the experiences that appear to come out of it.

601. I am Unborn, prior to the consciousness and totally apart from any thought, experience or whatever appears to happen in it.

602. I am Unborn, so as far as I am concerned, there is no question of understanding or not understanding anything.

603. I am Unborn, I appear to have totally dropped off whatever eventually appears to have developed into a body.

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The Nisargadatta Sadhana

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