The Unborn Gita

The Unborn Gita Cover

by Pradeep Apte


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The Third Quarter

The Unborn Gita: 68

604. I am not the body that presently appears to occupy a certain space, I am prior to it’s conception – The Unborn.

605. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, all doubts were dispelled and I appeared to enter that noble, most elevated forgetfulness.

606. Whatever I appeared to have heard, read and learnt didn’t remain as an authority, after the disappearance of everything, I – The Unborn – remain.

607. Prior to knowing that ‘I am’, I am Unborn, so what questions can be asked from that standpoint? Since that’s my real Self, all questions are false.

608. The moment I appear to drop my identity with the body along with the name, I am That greatest Unborn principle about which I can give no information.

609. The whole idea behind constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ appears to be not as a practice but to develop the conviction about my true identity.

610. There’s only one message in The Unborn Gita ‘I am Unborn’, if you appear to accept it, you will repeatedly like to read about it.

611. Accepting the words ‘I am Unborn’ is already a lot, and constantly remembering it is even more, ultimately it would be a conviction.

612. I am Unborn, so there’s no possibility of death; it’s this birth principle that appears to have arisen on me that’s playing all the games of deception.

The Unborn Gita: 69

613. The apparent birth principle has to originate at some point and end at some point, but I am Unborn so it has never touched me.

614. The concept ‘I am’ is not there prior to what appears to be birth, it has appeared so will it go, how am I, The Unborn affected? In no way whatsoever, because it’s not true.

615. As the Unborn whatever knowledge I have without hearing it from anyone, that’s the only knowledge I accept as true. And the proof lies in The Unborn Guru’s words.

616. Whatever I appear to forget cannot be eternal, it cannot be the truth. That’s why I can’t forget my true Unborn state that I only appear to be remembering by saying ‘I am Unborn’.

617. Every born apparent appears to be more concerned about this ‘corpse’ that he appears to be living with rather than the Unborn that truly is.

618. As the Unborn I appear to have a deep conviction that I have nothing to do with whatever is happening so it’s all unreal.

619. I am Unborn, and appear to know that everything is not, everything will not be and everything has never been.

620. I am Unborn, I never came to be, I am always there, ever perfect and without knowing.

621. I don’t know the reality that I am Unborn because I am The reality, how can I even appear to know reality as an object? If I know it, it’s objective and thus impermanent.

The Unborn Gita: 70

622. I appear to have clearly understood that I am Unborn, thus no path, no instruction, no method and no technique is required.

623. The born apparent has to repeatedly go back to the point from where he appears to have come and find out whether he’s really born, this if earnestly done, would reveal the Truth: ‘I am Unborn’.

624. I am Unborn, the body and the consciousnesses only appear to be there, actually they never came to be.

625. Suffering and happiness have nothing to do with me, I am Unborn and only appear to be a witness to all this.

626. As the Unborn, I appear to have the knowledge of a permanent identity in me, which always remains with me and never goes away.

627. To get more and more convinced about The Unborn Guru’s words ‘I am Unborn’ is all that matters.

628. I appear to have the conviction ‘I am Unborn’, so there’s no question of progress; in fact progress appears to have dissolved.

629. I am Unborn, untainted, uncovered by anything, without stigma, there’s nobody prior to me.

630. What’s there prior to the so-called appearance of this body and the knowledge ‘I am’? The Unborn, the highest Self.

The Unborn Gita: 71

631. As the born apparent when you appear to clearly grasp the point where everything appears to arise and set, you appear to be released from it and remain the Unborn.

632. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to get purified to such an extent that I and everything apparently connected to me disappears, that’s liberation.

633. The original Unborn state is timeless and formless, that which appears to have come about is merely an illusion, I appear to have realised this and hence need nothing anymore.

634. Whatever you have read, heard or been told is all useless unless you realise ‘I am Unborn’.

635. The ultimate aim of the born apparent appears to be to give up all association with the consciousness and realise ‘I am Unborn’.

636. The ultimate conclusion the born apparent appears to come at, if he has understood the teaching correctly, is that ‘I am Unborn’.

637. The consciousness appears to have come spontaneously and will appear to go spontaneously, so where am I, The Unborn, involved in this?

638. I may appear to be having desires and also trying to fulfil them, but ultimately I have no identity, I am Unborn.

639. Reading The Unborn Gita is one thing and actually applying the Truth it points to is another thing. After having read it, is the born apparent able to fathom his Unborn identity?

The Unborn Gita: 72

640. The born apparent feels that he has understood the meaning of the words in The Unborn Gita, but what is that he has understood? Did his True Unborn identity dawn on him?

641. Not a single of my so-called identities like a child, boy, teenager and so forth remained honest to me, they are all false, and ultimately all will disappear; only I, The Unborn would remain.

642. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, which is the reality, my conviction appears to become stronger and there remains no doubt about it.

643. If the born apparent appears to have a firm conviction that he is the body, how can he possibly agree with what’s being said in this song of The Unborn?

644. Remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ must apparently go on till it isn’t required to be remembered, because actually it was never forgotten.

645. It may appear unbelievable to the born apparent, but, as the Unborn, the necessity to be, for existence, is non-existent.

646. My eternal, true Unborn state is my own religion, I have no form so how can I behave in accordance to my religion?

647. I gave up all the trash that I appeared to be studying in the name of religion or in the name of spirituality and understood only one thing: ‘I am Unborn’.

648. Only he who has no knowledge will easily and quickly understand The Unborn Gita, but he who thinks he has knowledge is wasting his time reading this.

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The Nisargadatta Sadhana

Just be a Good Sadhak


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