The Unborn Gita

The Unborn Gita Cover

by Pradeep Apte


Decorative Line

The Third Quarter

The Unborn Gita: 78

694. The purpose of The Unborn Gita appears to be, to blast all concepts and establish me in the concept free Unborn state.

695. As the born apparent I appear to have this opportunity to know that I am Unborn so why waste time in anything else?

696. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ I appear to dissolve and disappear.

697. There is a strong resolve in remembering ‘I am Unborn’ with great intensity only then I appear to know I am Unborn without knowing.

698. I appear to be in constant association with my Unborn Self and thus all questions and doubts appear to vanish.

699. By constant attention focused on the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to be Unborn, which is indeed the objective of The Unborn Gita.

700. The words ‘I am Unborn’, that appear to have come from The Unborn Guru, are purest of the pure, by remembering them I be them.

701. I appear to be completely enamoured by the words ‘I am Unborn’, that’s deliverance!

702. It is only by constantly remembering ‘I am Unborn’ that I appear to be the unseen Unborn, untouched by all that’s visible.

The Unborn Gita: 79

703. I appear to abide as the Unborn and hence appear to maintain a certain amount of discipline and alertness for it.

704. Abidance as the Unborn doesn’t mean sloppiness in worldly duties; in fact they are done in a better and impartial manner.

705. I appear to have reduced reading and writing to anything other than that related to the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

706. I appear to remember ‘I am Unborn’ with great intensity, that appears to be my meditation, my yearning, my obsession.

707. I appear to fervently remember ‘I am Unborn’, but the devotional rule of reciting the Name of God at specific times ever continues.

708. By having a complete and unshakable faith in the words of The Unborn Guru, my resolve to be the Unborn Self becomes firm.

709. I am Unborn, the actual, the continuous, the ceaseless and the indivisible.

710. I like to be in the company of words like ‘I am the Truth’, ‘I am Eternal’ and ‘I am Unborn’.

711. Having faith in the words of The Unborn Guru, constantly remembering ‘I am Unborn’ and abiding there, is being in the company of Truth.

The Unborn Gita: 80

712. I am Unborn, having no colour, image or design; I require no freedom because I am beyond freedom.

713. I appear to recognise the limitations of the body and worldly life well and yet maintain my standpoint as the Unborn.

714. ‘I am Unborn’, thus I am not the body nor the deeds it performs, a conviction of such a resolve appears to be my discrimination and renunciation.

715. I appear to constantly remember ‘I am Unborn’, but that doesn’t allow sloppiness in deeds for that would make my abidance as the Unborn sloppy too.

716. As the body I appear to be space, as the mind I appear to be time, as the Unborn I am neither.

717. The Unborn Guru is actually Unborn, formless and devoid of any qualities, it’s a sin to attribute the blemish of birth on him.

718. The greatest tribute and service to The Unborn Guru is to remember him and statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ given by him.

719. Without telling anyone I appear to develop the conviction ‘I am Unborn’, such a Self resolve goes on increasing and appears to strengthen me.

720. Without knowing I know I am Unborn, that’s the light of The Unborn Self, that’s the bliss of the Unborn Self.

The Unborn Gita: 81

721. Whatever may appear to happen in my so-called life and in the world, I never forget ‘I am Unborn’ it appears to be my vow, resolve or devotion.

722. As the Unborn I don’t require to be introduced, because I am eternally introduced. This eternal acquaintance appears to be missed by the born apparent.

723. The conviction that this world never existed can appear to happen only to the Unborn. That’s indeed my conviction, hence I am Unborn.

724. I appear to bear all the vicissitudes of this so-called life and remembering ‘I am Unborn’ appears to attenuate them.

725. As the Unborn I am an eternal King, as the born apparent I am an eternal beggar.

726. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to have purified myself to such an extent that there’s nothing left – that is true renunciation.

727. ‘I am Unborn’ is the appropriate and correct understanding, ‘the world is ancient and I am born in it’ is highest misunderstanding.

728. As the Unborn I am beyond this imaginary creation that’s restricted to name and form, I appear to know well that nothing has ever come to be.

729. The words ‘I am Unborn’ of The Unborn Guru will appear to fulfil all the desires of my mind, which means all desires having no meaningful utility anymore.

The Fourth Quarter

The Unborn Gita: 82

730. The only purpose, if at all there is any, of the life of the born apparent is to realise that ‘I am Unborn’.

731. In this so-called mortal world, that body of a born apparent which is used for remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ is most excellent.

732. When there appears to be this simple method of remembering ‘I am Unborn’ why should I entwine myself in so many different complex methods of practice?

733. By remembering ‘I am Unborn’, my devotion to The Unborn Guru is most unalloyed and exalted.

734. I appear to be infatuated by the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ and hence am free from all requirements.

735. As the born apparent I appear to have enshrined the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ in my mind and it looms in my meditation.

736. Always remember ‘I am Unborn’ and if this does not delight you, then keep silent but never chatter and gossip pointlessly.

737. The Unborn Guru is a vendor with a difference – he has given you the sum total of all his wares in form of the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ without exacting any price from you!

738. The one who appears to constantly remember the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ verily is the Unborn, entertain no about it.

Decorative Line

The Nisargadatta Sadhana

Just be a Good Sadhak


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