The Unborn Gita

The Unborn Gita Cover

by Pradeep Apte


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I was asked by a spiritual aspirant as to what is the significance of dividing the ‘The Unborn Gita’ into Four quarters? To which I replied:

For ‘The Unborn Gita’ to be truly effective, it has to be read in a circular manner, which is continuously. But since this may not possible I made these divisions based on the ‘prahar’ or ‘prahara’ system followed in ancient India to divide the day. Prahar is a Sanskrit term (Pehar in Hindi) for a unit of time or a sub division of the day, about three hours long. Thus a day is divided into eight praharas, four of the day and four of the night. The first prahar of the day begins at sunrise and ends at sunset and the first prahar of the night begins at sunset and ends at sunrise. So according to the convenience of the practitioner he may read ‘The Unborn Gita’ continuously in any prahar. Further subdivisions in the quarters have also been made as halting points, but one is expected to at least read a set of nine continuously!

Apart from this there are other reasons as well which appear to be of deeper significance and the purpose of which is to make the statement of Truth ‘I Am Unborn’ penetrate and saturate the practitioner completely:

1. There are four bodies that we have: The gross body, the subtle body, the causal body and the supra-causal body (Known as the four ‘shariras’: sthool, sukshma, karan and maha-karan sharir).

2. Corresponding to these four bodies are the four states of consciousness: Waking, dream, deep sleep and the fourth which is the basis or background of the first three (Known as the four ‘awasthas’: jagruti, swapna, sushupti and turiya).

3. Corresponding to these four bodies and states, there are four divisions of speech:
The spoken word, the unspoken word in the mind, the formative word and the wordless word (Known as the four Vanis: Vaikhari, madhyama, pashyanti and para).

The four quarters maybe taken to correspond to these four divisions and the practice done accordingly. It must however be remembered that all these divisions, of whatever nature they maybe, ‘appear’ to signify one single movement which is from the unreal born apparent to the real True Unborn Self. These are just guidelines that I appeared to find useful, you may appear to and are free to devise your own.

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