The Unborn Gita

The Unborn Gita Cover

by Pradeep Apte


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The Fourth Quarter

The Unborn Gita: 88

784. By constantly remembering ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to throw out all words, and finally the words ‘I am Unborn’ too.

785. On investigating what, when and where am I in this body, I realised ‘I am Unborn’!

786. Wake up while the body appears to be there, go beyond and live as the True Unborn Self.

787. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to orient my mind towards the source and in the process it disappears.

788.All differences disappear, the person disappears, the presence appears to spread everywhere and vanish, leaving me as the Unborn, without knowing.

789. My disappearance as the Unborn is true happiness, which has no reason, and that which has no reason is everlasting.

790. By a feeling of stable indebtedness, faith and auspicious hope in words ‘I am Unborn’ of The Unborn Guru, I appear to checkmate the illusion and be my True Unborn Self.

791. I appear to wander in uncertainty, till I appear to develop the conviction ‘I am Unborn’ by constantly remembering it.

792. I am Unborn because I clearly understand that the ‘I am’ has only appeared to have arisen on me and the body and world appear in the ‘I am’.

The Unborn Gita: 89

793. By not expecting anything from the visible world and by eliminating the unnecessary I appeared to speed up the realisation ‘I am Unborn’.

794. I appear to correctly view this movie screened in the theatre ‘I am’, as destructible and non-eternal, and thus transcend it to be the Unborn.

795. What does The Unborn Guru appear to give the Unborn disciple? He reminds him to forget himself by remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

796. Meditation and The statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ appear to have become one in me; hence I am unable to escape the Unborn state.

797. The whole purpose behind remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ appears to be in getting out of the stranglehold of unreality.

798. I appear to place the resolve ‘I am Unborn’ for worship and appear to worship the resolve resolutely.

799. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ I appear to purify myself to such an extent everything disappears and only the Unborn remains without knowing.

800. My faith that everything is Unborn is unshakable, so much so that I appear to see the Unborn in the words while reading or writing.

801. The attempt to understand the Unborn Self, abide in it, and stabilise in it, appears to be yoga and appears to make one a yogi.

The Unborn Gita: 90

802. In my actual, primal Unborn state there’s no union with anything because there never was a separation; it’s a state free from yoga.

803. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I realised that actually it’s something I have never forgotten.

804. I am not whatever I appear to understand; I am Unborn and need no understanding at all.

805. I use my remembrance to worship the remembrance of the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

806. I am Unborn, so whatever I appeared to have believed and accepted as the born apparent proved to be ignorance.

807. I appear to remember the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ without listening to or having any faith on the mind.

808. It was only when the unreality of the ‘I am’ stood exposed that I appeared to realise ‘I am Unborn’.

809. The quest for my Unborn Self appeared to take me out of the realm of my mind.

810. The remembrance of the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ is itself Unborn.

The Unborn Gita: 91

811. By accepting that whatever I appear to be doing is not being done by me I appear to abide as the Unborn.

812. I appear to simply not identify myself with any desire or deed and remain the Unborn.

813. I am Unborn, so what can I appear to do that will be to my advantage or disadvantage, I can only appear to abide as the Unborn by refusing to give the stamp of reality to anything else.

814. I appear to remember ‘I am Unborn’, and in the process, appear to realise that not to express or remember is NATURAL to me.

815. I appear to use the remembrance ‘I am Unborn’ to wash away all objective ideas and ideas of doer-ship.

816. Whatever said in words in The Unborn Gita is not the Truth, these are probes given in words but they don’t describe my true Unborn Self which is beyond anything and everything.

817. Only The Unborn Guru appears to understand my true Unborn nature, in fact we aren’t two but one.

818. When there is no state that appears to come and go, I am in my True Unborn state.

819. All the knowledge I appeared to have acquired, appears to be useful for the so-called day-to-day existence, it can never reveal my true Unborn Self.

The Unborn Gita: 92

820. Birth and death, name and form, are all a mere appearance on my Unborn Self, it’s all an illusion.

821. I am Unborn; I only appear to deny all reality to my presence and all that appears to emanate from it.

822. I am Unborn, beyond the body, mind and consciousness, this appears to be dispassion.

823. As the Unborn I am beyond time, space and qualities, as the born apparent I appear to have rejected this knowledge and embraced objective knowledge, which is impermanent and the cause of all misery.

824. I can’t appear to transcend activity until I appear to realise I am Unborn, that I exist is an illusion, its NATURE is to divide and appear as many.

825. I am Unborn and free from yoga, the illusion appears as a witness who gives ‘the states’ ‘evidence’, but it’s pardoned, it’s narrating the story of its own deception.

826. All experience is born of imagination, I am Unborn, I don’t imagine, so no birth or death appears to happen to me.

827. The ‘I am’ that appears on my Unborn Self is the seed of illusion. My parents, birth and death, are all ignorance born of this ‘I am’ seed.

828. I am the eternal Unborn, I require no witness, no knowledge, no dependence, I just am without knowing.

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The Nisargadatta Sadhana

Just be a Good Sadhak


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