The Unborn Gita

The Unborn Gita Cover

by Pradeep Apte


Decorative Line

The Fourth Quarter

The Unborn Gita: 103

919.The Unborn Gita imparts no teaching but simply appears to reiterate The Statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

920. I am Unborn, I have found out nothing, as my state is beyond knowing and at all times without knowing.

921. I am Unborn, and I appear to know that nothing is going to happen to me at all.

922. I appear to interview myself and find that there nothing in there other than the formless Unborn.

923. I appear to know I am Unborn, but what’s the net result? It’s nothing, being Unborn nothing is added or diminished thereby.

924. My mind appears to be pure, but that’s just an idea, as the Unborn I beyond all ideas.

925. I am Unborn, so why do I require anymore activities? Why unnecessarily create further illusions within the illusion?

926. I am Unborn, so why should I appear to depend on mind, method, idea or technique which appear to come out of this illusory consciousness?

927. I am Unborn, I am never thinking, aspiring, or desiring anything, in fact I have no ideas at all.

The Unborn Gita: 104

928. In reality only the Unborn is, thus the birth of every born apparent appears to be illicit.

929. In order to realise ‘I am Unborn’, body-mind sense has to be completely left, because in the Unborn there is no such thing as body-mind sense.

930. I am Unborn, and there’s nothing else but the Unborn, so what is there left to meditate on?

931. When I appear to know that ‘I am Unborn’, I also appear to know that I need nothing.

932. I am Unborn, the objective world is not my true home and that’s why I appear to have this feeling of unhappiness.

933. I am Unborn, the underlying source of the objective world that only appears to have arisen on me.

934. I am Unborn, that’s my true home, and that’s where I appear to return, be full and forget the world altogether, even while I appear to be living in it.

935. I appear to have an earnest yearning to be my Unborn Self, for which I appear to empty myself and abandon all that I imagine myself to be.

936. I am Unborn, I have no source, I only appear to be the source of everything.

The Unborn Gita: 105

937. I appear to a have a complete focus, total faith and pure resolve in the words ‘I am Unborn’ of The Unborn Guru.

938. I appear to remember the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’ in order to be in complete union with The Unborn Guru.

939. The Unborn is so close that there is no space left at all to have a path to it.

940. There doesn’t appear to exist a school or university in this world that appears to impart knowledge of my Unborn Self.

941. I don’t appear to have any benefit in realising ‘I am Unborn’, what greater benefit could there be than to be free from untruth?

942. By remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to trade the mortality of the born apparent for the immortality of the Unborn.

943. The intensity of my resolve to be the Unborn shows me the way to be it, which appears to be the complete surrender of my worry about my so-called past, present and future.

944. I can never realise ‘I am Unborn’ as long as I appear to find the present ways of living of the born apparent to be interesting.

945. Remembering God’s Name, meditating on his form or singing devotional songs are means that appear to purify the born apparent and make him competent enough to realise ‘I am Unborn’.

The Unborn Gita: 106

946. Complete loss of interest in all that I perceive and conceive is an instant means to realise ‘I am Unborn’.

947. I do not appear to attach any personal importance to the fact that I am Unborn.

948. As long as I appear to derive any personal benefit from remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I shall never appear to realise it.

949. The subject of my constant contemplation is ‘I am Unborn’ and thus I appear to be that, without knowing.

950. ‘I am Unborn’ is the only knowledge which can be only understood by being Unborn.

951. The unspoken, unheard, unfelt, unseen, undefinable, independent and indestructible knowledge about myself that appears to be in the body is the Unborn.

952. I am Unborn, like the tasteless taste in the mouth when there’s nothing in it, myself knowing myself without knowing.

953. The Unborn Gita appears to be constantly pointing to my Unborn Self, the light of which appears to be unattainable even after millions of years of austerity.

954. The Unborn Guru appears to mean the state of my own Unborn being.

The Unborn Gita: 107

955. The Unborn Guru appears to be useless for worldly teachings, his only utility appears to be in guiding me to my Unborn being.

956. Only the one who appears to be fervently hungry for Self knowledge will appear to understand The Unborn Gita and appear to realise ‘I am Unborn’.

957. As I constantly appear to remember ‘I am Unborn’, the words themselves appear to get purified, everything disappears and the Unborn remains.

958. As I constantly appear to remember ‘I am Unborn’, all obstacles and difficulties appear to diminish.

959. As I constantly appear to remember ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to be getting free from all knowing.

960. The name ‘Unborn’ given by The Unborn Guru to my Unborn Self doesn’t imply a person or human being.

961.APART from the words ‘I am Unborn’, that appear to have been given by The Unborn Guru, I don’t appear to have any other means of knowing my Unborn Self.

962. By constantly remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, I also realise that I have actually never forgotten it.

963. The moment The Unborn Guru appears to tell me ‘I am Unborn, I am not the body and I know nothing’, that very moment I am free from all humanness.

The Unborn Gita: 108

964. The Unborn Guru appears to narrate about his own Unborn state, which I appear to accept and be his disciple, in this so-called process everything disappears and the Unborn remains.

965. I appeared to believe my born apparent state to be true, till The Unborn Guru appeared to straightaway tell me ‘I am Unborn’.

966. My devotion to The Unborn Guru appears to be very strong, due to which I appear to have realised ‘I am Unborn’ while knowingness appears to be there.

967. It is because I appear to believe and accept whatever I am not, I appear to have forgotten ‘I am Unborn’.

968. I am Unborn, this world has truly never existed at any time whatsoever, it was never really created, it’s a dream! I know this and realise this. That is all.

969. I appear to fully imbibe that ‘I am Unborn’, nothing more is necessary, and no more questions or doubts can or will possibly ever arise. Can anything be so simple, yet so sublime?

970. So much about the Unborn appears to have been said here in The Unborn Gita, if the born apparent still feels to seek spiritual advice or instruction, he hasn’t understood anything said here.

971. Always remember and be with the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, and don’t unnecessarily run after information in the guise of knowledge.

972. The Unborn Gita appears to be based on the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’, it has no beginning and end, the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

Decorative Line

End of The Unborn Gita by Pradeep Apte.


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