The Unborn Gita

The Unborn Gita Cover

by Pradeep Apte


Decorative Line

The Fourth Quarter

The Unborn Gita: 98

874. When I dwell for some time on the words ‘I am Unborn’ given by The Unborn Guru, all concepts about life, birth, death, happiness, unhappiness, good and evil disappear and I am left unidentified with anything.

875. I appear to understand my true Unborn NATURE and appear to know that ignorance never exists at all.

876. At all times the eternal truth is that I am Unborn, without name and form or any modifications whatsoever.

877. As the Unborn, I appear to know that at the time of so-called death all memory will go, and all existence is illusory, knowing this what do I want achieve in the world?

878. Being Unborn, as the born apparent I appear to have become completely bankrupt from all thoughts and ideas.

879. Being Unborn, I appear to know that I am not the doer of any apparent actions and thus have no desire to claim merit for them.

880. Being completely established in the pure knowledge ‘I am Unborn’, all my actions appear to be guided by it.

881. I am Unborn and firmly aware that I am aloof from the ‘I am’ or drama or play which is time-bound.

882. I am not whatever I observe; I completely disown all these things and am firmly established as the Unborn.

The Unborn Gita: 99

883. By remembering ‘I am Unborn’, I appear to dissolve, yet I am there but without any apparent awareness or identification with anything whatsoever.

884. Whatever I appear to think and do is only for a livelihood, that being over I return to remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

885. The Unborn Gita appears to impart knowledge of the Unborn, whereas others will appear to fill you with objective knowledge.

886. Why bother about all spiritual information and yogas instead of trying to know the original Unborn state, which is without any attributes?

887. To know that ‘I am Unborn’ is true renunciation; on being Unborn I automatically reject everything.

888. The turmoil of the mind appears to quieten down by remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

889. Whatever appears to be said here in The Unborn Gita is not the Truth, because words are not with the Unborn.

890. The Unborn Guru may appear to be talking through the born apparent, but in my true Unborn state I cannot talk.

891. As the Unborn, whatever I appear to have understood isn’t me, that’s all I appear to know.

The Unborn Gita: 100

892. When all the words and activities appear to have gone through, then I appear to know ‘I am Unborn’.

893. After reading The Unborn Gita, whatever activities I do, I know that there’s nothing to be gained from them, with this detachment I can do anything.

894. Nothing has ever happened or changed in my Unborn Self at all, all activities, words and ideas are unreal.

895. I am Unborn, hence this entire vast universe is of no use to me, it has no intrinsic value nor it needs to be destroyed, it simply needs to be seen for what it is – an unreal appearance.

896. How can the unreal world or universe which changes, affect the Unborn which is real and never changes?

897. From my Unborn standpoint, the world or universe was never created, no Pundit or religious teacher or scholar will accept this.

898. I cannot actually tell you the story of my Unborn Self, it cannot be expressed in words.

899. In truth the ‘I am’ is never there, so when it appears to go away, what do I, as the Unborn appear to lose? Do I die, or do I remain what I ever am?

900. Without the intellect I know I am Unborn, a very pure and simple faith appears to be needed in the words ‘I am Unborn’ of The Unborn Guru.

The Unborn Gita : 101

901. I am Unborn, existence itself is only an imagination, similarly for the born apparent who appears to be reading The Unborn Gita.

902. I appear to use my power of discrimination to find out the truth about my Unborn Self by remembering the statement of Truth ‘I am Unborn’.

903. As the Unborn, there appears to be no such thing as body, mind and intellect for me, these as only ideas.

904. As the Unborn, I don’t appear to have the idea that through The Unborn Gita I appear to be doing any good to the world.

905. I am Unborn, yet I appear to be writing The Unborn Gita through the consciousness of ‘I am’, which is itself an illusion, so nothing’s been actually written.

906. Ultimately, it is only when I completely leave off the feeling of personality, that I can fully comprehend the Unborn.

907. True awakening to the reality of being Unborn is to know that I am not a person and have never been a person.

908. A person appears to have needs and desires, but I am Unborn, that’s my true state, and I need nothing at all.

909. I am Unborn, so I appear to meditate on this and remember this, and finally the words ‘I am Unborn’ too shall appear to leave.

The Unborn Gita: 102

910. It’s not because The Unborn Gita says so that I am Unborn, It’s so always, at all times, a self evident Truth.

911. I may appear to be doing many things in the world, but I am always the Unborn, my true NATURE , I don’t forget it, I am with it, I dwell in it.

912. I don’t always think in terms of personality, body and mind, but rather dwell in my formless Unborn reality.

913. If I say and think ‘I am going to die’, I am only signing my death warrant, but I am Unborn and don’t entertain such false and misleading thoughts.

914. I am Unborn, the ideas of birth and death are nothing more than a drama or play, all ideas are illusory, and I don’t bother about them.

915. I appear to constantly dwell on my true Unborn NATURE and not bother about the objective being real or unreal.

916. I appear to constantly dwell on my true Unborn nature and know well that it’s beyond time and space.

917. My true Unborn nature appears to be the unchanging background upon which everything else including the world appears and disappears.

918. I am Unborn, without the grace of anyone and without dependence on anyone.

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The Nisargadatta Sadhana

Just be a Good Sadhak


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