A note on the creation of “The Unborn Nisargadatta” from the author:

After the release of “The Nisargadatta Gita” in Feb 2008 most of my time was devoted to the Sadhana (Practice) as prescribed by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. In this period I came across several Marathi books on his teachings. After studying these books and meditating on his Marathi words, I found them to be more powerful and hard hitting than those in the English books. Most of the effect is lost or diluted in the English translations, and I am quite aware that this is likely to happen with “The Unborn Nisargadatta” as well. Yet for the benefit of those who do not know Marathi I created “The Unborn Nisargadatta” from a translation of my original notes in Marathi. Every verse in this book has been either written by me or are Maharajs words as such or slightly modified to maintain the ‘I am Unborn’ theme. The ‘I am’ was the main theme of “The Nisargadatta Gita” while ‘I am Unborn’ is the main theme of “The Unborn Nisargadatta”.The contents of “The Unborn Nisargadatta” are more of a revelation than just a book.

Pradeep Apte